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So I get this question very often, the question would be I don’t want to cheat on my wife, but at the same time I would like to, those are the dirty minded people that have a heart LOL, those on the married men that have a family life and wants to keep that family life running the way it is and do not trust any dating service even the most discreet that will guarantee that your information will never leak on the Internet, they also stubborn that they will never join our use the most safest of all sex dating websites such as amateur match.

So, the second best thing to physically cheating would be checking out some hot bitches on WebCam, also because most of them do it not for the money but they do it because they love to be filthy, and I have chosen to you all not the biggest WebCam girls network, not the most famous, the most popular, but I did choose the one that is without doubt the most convenient economically and by far the top end of all WebCam networks, this is totally high-end and all the models on this website are specifically hand picked because they know exactly what they’re doing.

i.e. have already posted several articles about this incredible WebCam sex service in many of my Cheating Blog Posts over at, here I explained in detail about the service, about the free tokens, and about the many girls that work for this WebCam service that offer you free shows all the time, it really is worthless for me to continue to talk about it when all you’ve got to do is simply click on the banner that you see above and get access to their homepage and from that you can check out free every single one of the 6000+ models that are present on the website with hundreds that all online at the same time every day.

College slut looking for local sex partners

So my question would be to start off this blog post is what the heck is this college student doing on a Housewife sex dating website? Well she’s 23 years old she is a single mother and she is attending college while her child as a home with her parents, so it really doesn’t make her a housewife that it does make her a MILF all the way! She however is looking for somebody that is not attending her college that happens to be one of the many colleges in California, simply because she does not want people to see that she is flirting, dating and Odyssey having sex with many different men and therefore passing everybody’s eyes as a slut. Let’s make it clear she is a slut she has a boyfriend at home that happens to be the father of her child, she also claims to love him but at the same time she says she also loves to cheat on them.

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the service that she’s using is so safe she can even post all her MILFs looking photographs on it, in any case you have to be a member in order to access your profile picture and her other photographs posted on her profile as well, so she knows that she’s pretty much safe using a sex dating website instead of using a classical hook up at a bar or at a club in town where everybody can see her and working get back to her boyfriend at her hometown that she is cheating on him.

this and many other sex dating websites are attributed to a company called and while talking to the CEO and owner that goes by the name of Allan Henning, he was telling me how successful sex dating is in America but also around the world and is spreading like oriole would on the surface of the sea, he says that it is very good money this business are the same time they do reinvest a huge amount capitols of money are reinvested in order to improve the service of each and every brand dating or sex dating like to ensure security and at the same time variety for everybody that is a member.

Cheating women and sex dating

No, this woman did not come out of some free porn video or some porn tube, she is a cheater she is someone that is looking for a caulk other than the one that her husband can give her, the reason that she is cheating and cheating constantly by using a sex dating website, is simply because her husband is never at home he is always working on the road,. He is the CEO of a very large company and therefore you can understand that she is also loaded, not really that common among the cheaters that you find on these sex personals websites and networks, but however she’s willing to pay for the hotel and the dinner, as long as you can go for at least two hours, that’s what is written on her profile and that’s what I got the photograph from off her profile, by the way she gave me her full permission to post this photograph of her in the hopes that somebody in Miami Florida is available even tonight to log on to and ask her out for sex session.

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needless to say as you can see from the photograph she loves to take it up the ass, and even when you are slamming her hard up her pussy she will still have something up her ass like the amazingly slide the white dildo you see in the photograph, those are her words, slightly, it’s in her profile where she claims that that white dildo is her favorite and she loves to keep it stuck up her ass as long as she can join today, she is a weirdo, but you should see the other photographs, she is extremely hot! By the way the website is amateur match and to be honest where else could it be?

I talk about other cheating women websites on my personal blog that I am putting together at this time, there are not really a lot of pages added to it yet and to be honest there are not a lot of articles but I am thoroughly working on that as we speak trying to add as many trusted sex dating websites possible in order for you to choose from and to do so blindly knowing that they have already been tested and that you won’t get ripped off.

Meeting cheaters on the internet and date them that same night

Who follows me, knows that I run, hundreds of blogs and all I do all day is review adult oriented websites, such as Porn Tubes (a good one that I found and reviewed the other day was, sex personals (adult dating sites one good one is, and in the past few weeks I’ve also took time into reviewing some quality live sex webcam networks (here as well I found out that was a pretty good one above all the rest I’d give it a 9.5). However, I’m bouilding another blog, that is specific and it has a direct quality name, the blog is called Meet Cheaters, the domain is, so thats pretty clear what it’s going to be about LOL.

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There isn’t that much there at this time, however I really would like you guys to go over there and check it out for me, tell me what you think and what I can do to make it actually work better, let me know what you’d like to see on there and if you have a website or dating network that you want me to review. I’ve already done an article right here and a few more will follow this week.

I would like to stay on the same model as the amateur match blog, my friend Frank Lido writes on there and I do like the style he uses and how he comments on all blog posts. Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you and I hope to see you over there checking it out real soon.


amateur match like we’ve never spoken about it before LOL

Yes this is not a new one, you have heard about this before and I’m sure you will hear about it in the and for a very long time. Simply because Amateur Match as just reached the milestone all the million active members from all over the world, yes you heard right active, they don’t count members that were signed up, that have a membership but have not renewed it know that talking about active people that actually have the membership the full membership and are using it and updating it at least a weekly basis.

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So when you hear other dating websites we have over 40 million members sure they do they had 40 million contacts since they’ve opened there were website that doesn’t mean in any formal way whatsoever, that they have 40 million people on there looking for sex, or in their case for a date that’s not true, don’t believe what you hear especially the ones that you hear on television and the radio.

So you want to Get Laid, and you don’t want to drive dozens of miles in some cases hundreds of miles to meet up with someone that you like, that has your same kinks and wants to have sex. I totally agree with you why would you want to go hundreds of miles in some cases to have sex? To hell with that!

With amateur match that will not happen remember that all these active members are yes around the world but there is an extremely high concentration in the United States of America and Canada, Celeste just say you’re living in Florida I’ll give you an example a tiny town that I have actually visited in 2007, a place called Lake City 31,000 inhabitants, in your opinion how many of those 31,000 inhabitants are actually members of amateur match? 397, I am not kidding so even in the small towns you will always find sex with

I don’t want to get into specific details about the numbers and the location all the members in the United States and Canada, but I did write more about amateur match here in this blog posts that I just linked to feel free and click on that will take you to the page where I actually wrote the article and you can read out all that information prior to signing up if you don’t feel comfortable yet about the service.

Is it that time of the week to get laid?

So filthy, so hot, so perfect, that it seems to be Untrue but it isn’t, well actually she isn’t. Her name is Isabel, a beautiful 30-year-old married cheating slut, of Puerto Rican descent, her husband is in prison, he will be spending the next 5 to 7 in the state penitentiary, and after already being in jail for three months, she has decided that her pussy needs cock, and she could give the hell about her jailbird husband.

She took it upon herself to join not too long ago and I met her on day two of her join. Actually it was her that met me, as I was online surfing for an ebony chick that I had already dated and I wanted to see if she was still a member of the dating service. When she came along, hit me up, said that she lived only three blocks away from me, and asked if I wanted to go over there, but first she wanted to see me on WebCam.

I had no problem with that, we spoke for like 30 minutes over the cam, she stripped and fingered herself for me, I then decided it was mature enough to go over there and have some sex. That’s why they call it, because it’s basically untrue, well at least when you hear it it sounds untrue, but in reality it’s very true and as you can see I have a photograph that proves it.

I firmly suggest that you guys come and check it out, free of charge, no credit card needed, all find I’m will take you five minutes to set up a profile and you’ll be good to go for a week, like said for free.

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It’s really not rocket science, but a lot of people, better still ” A lot of webmasters and site owners” tend to not use up that empty space they have on their websites that have good traffic. I see a lot of adult and non-adult sites out there that could make triple the cash that they’re making, but the site owners don’t think that hard. Like said, it’s not that difficult to understand adding a banner that invites your visitors to check out a few dating sites can bring to your pocket a lot of cash.

Some say that pushing something that they don’t know anything about could actually be risky and the last thing that they want to do is scare off their regular visitors because of some spammy banner or link. Thats not the case. has been around for 11 years and some of its websites for a lot more than that. Now, is there a reason why they’re always present? That other websites come and go, but they stay? Is there a reason that it’s an award winning referral affiliate program? I think I’ve given you an idea on what I’m showing you today :)


Housewives and sex, why are they so horny?

This is a great question. Is it simply because they know that their age isn’t what it used to be and that they have really not that much time left in their looks and that they need to get these kicks now or never? Thats why when the guys over at open a Housewife Dating website, it takes no more than a week to fill up to the brim with horny Milf’s from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Eire, New Zealand, the rest of Europe and from what I see, nearly every frigging country in the world.

Now why didn’t I think of something like this right away? Easy to say, but behind all this is an amazing site, that is very complexed and impossible to see inside unless you’re a member. It keeps out anyone that wants to take a peek, keeps out the search engines, it keeps out basically everything. Inside are the members, and what goes on inside stays inside, you can’t even take screen shots of the images or anything else. Thats how safe that they’ve made it.

great legs

How do I know all this stuff? I’ll have to confess that I’m a member there as well. I’m 29, going on 30 in a couple of months and this seems to be the perfect age for all these women. Then add to that, that I’m not that bad looking and I have a seven inch leg between the other two, and anything over six is what these babes are looking for. In three months I have never and I say “never” hit up a single woman, but in these three months as a member I’ve had 39 hookup requests with women, mothers, wives that want to go out on a sex date, simply because I posted sex personals on the site. I’ve been out with six of the ladies, had sex with five, the sixth I had sex already three times, so she don’t count… she counts double!! Thats her in the image that I posted above. I cut her face out, simply to hide her identity, like I should, but take a look at the rest and now tell me, is she something that you’d like to take out on a date”to a hotel room?”

Live sex over at Webcam Club!

This didn’t leak, so why the fuck is it on Leaked Porn? I do not know, but I was around here and I needed to update this blog with a fresh post and I thought that showing off a new cam girl that works over at, the live sex cam platform, would have been something different for all you wankers to check out. This shit is better than porn, its the second best thing that comes after real sex. If you don’t have a bitch to fuck, then you know where to go.

OK, so whats so fucking different with this cam site rather than others? I could be here telling you all about it all week. But first I don’t have all that time and second you wouldn’t read it all anyways. So this is the best thing to do…

…make it short and just say whats better. Simply question gets some very simple answers: Why better? This place first of all selects all cam models one by one, they make sure that their up to what they claim they can do. They don’t just hire them because they look good, but they make sure that the chicks are good at giving men the hardest dicks that they’ve ever had. So in other words, hot and good at what they do.

Then when you sign up here, not only do the girls give out a shit load of free shows, even P2P shows, but the admins hand out sacks full of tokens that you can use for the private and golden shows that the girls give. So lets say that you get two shows a day. You’ll never be paying for a show for at least 11 days. WTF! Tats awesome, and no other place can offer you that, not even the huge networks, because their greedy, all they want is your credit card the fuckers!

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Hot 21 year old all for me thanks to Amateur Match

I wonder if all chicks at the confining university are like the babe in the pic. Sorry if I had to cut her face out, but that wouldn’t be right and I could get banned by the dating site admins if they find out I’m posting personal pics of another member on my blogs. Anyway if their all like her then I’m switching college. I need to be over there thats for sure.

How did I find her, thats the same old question I get asked every time that I find a sex personals date on, there ya go I just told you how. Not a member? ahhh not good! All that I can say (as I don’t want to advertise) is that you’re missing out on a lot of sex and if you want to get laid with someone other than your girlfriend or spouse, then this is the place to look, because, there is a lot of pussy searching for guys.

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I read that there are 65 percent girls and only 35 percent fellas, well that makes perfect sense why I’ve never searched for chicks, but they have always hit me up looking to date, some are even straight out and ask me right out of the blue, how big my thing is and if I want to have sex today.

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