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Yet another fool, another dumb blonde whore that thought it would have been fun getting filmed by the dude that was fucking her holes, she thought it was a great idea to have him point his smartphone at her while she sucked on his cock and when she was bent over taking it doggystyle, she thought that was a fun thing to do and film it. Then the week after she finds herself totally fucked, fucked as in: That dude sold us the tape and now you’re all over the fucking internet you silly fucking whore!!

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Gorgeous 21 year old whore, involved in a leaked tape that just hit the web, thats right, it just did because we’re the first to show it. We were given this tape by the dude that made it. It’s a long story why he made this homemade porn video, but the most important thing is that you all get to see it and see it for first and in exclusive on our blog. Who cares if she’s exposed fucking and sucking cock and all of it against her will. If she wants she can sue us, shows that sound?!

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So what? Shes 19, she wants to have fun and fuck all the guys that she wants, thats what college is all about right? Well thats what I’d do and see. Most of the chicks would fuck anyone when drunk and thats how I got to fuck at least 60 different babes in my four and a half years in college. The thing is though, don’t let the dudes film you or you see yourself right here on our blog and thats when shit will hit the fan, considering that we get hundreds of thousands of daily visitors from all over the world. So sooner or later you’re gonna get pointed out by someone you know!

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Why would she ever let him do such a thing, knowing what could happen if that tape hits the web. Some chicks are mindless when it comes down to taking cock and have no idea that the fun of making a homemade porn video can be a big problem in the future. I’ve seen reputations die, I’ve seen them exposed and in some cases I’ve seen chicks change town and their name, just to get out of the trouble they put themselves!

This is exactly what happens when college girls get drunk

Don’t blame me for posting this amateur college porn video, don’t blame me for exposing these sexy hot college students sucking cock and taking it up there pussy and ass while there are several guys and girls that are filming it with their cell phones. Blamed the alcohol that some of these girls shouldn’t even be drinking because from what I understand they are only 19 and 20 years of age and therefore they shouldn’t even be drinking here in the United States. Blame the fact that they are filthy whores, and they couldn’t care less if people were filming them doing what they were doing in this college porn video.

Blowjob contest on campus grounds

I am always the first to say that in my college years I did it all, however this is something that I never did and to be honest I never even heard that anyone else participated in anything such as bizarre as this. This Californian college is pretty well known for its sports and education, but behind those frat house walls a lot of crazy stuff happens. This video just came in this past Friday we finished cutting it up into a three minute piece and here it is… The Blowjob contest that happened like I said last week at a frat party in California.

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As you have most probably noticed if you are a returning visitor to our blog, that this is a week entirely dedicated to college porn videos, we have so many in stock that we have to show them so that we can release space in our archives, I can’t keep tens of thousands of amateur and homemade porn videos that yet have to be seen on hard drive instead of sharing them with everybody, so that everybody can enjoy them. Like I said this is an unseen before college porn video that you will find only and exclusively on our blog.

College girls team up on one very lucky guy

To be honest this is what college is all about, this is the best part of being in school after the age of 18. I loved my college days I must have had sex with at least 40 different girls in those 3 1/2 years that I was on campus. And just like this guy that you are about to watch in this video I had the opportunity twice to have two girls team up on my cock. Enjoy the video I guarantee you you will not find it anywhere else on the Internet except here on our blog.

college porn I need to say no more

These two 19-year-old chicks need alcohol and as you all know in the United States of America there is a stupid rule where you cannot drink until you are 21 years of age, you can drive a car at 16, you can vote at 18, but you can’t drink a beer in ~21, you can’t drink a beer in till your last year in college. Well just to make a long story short what happens to these girls is that they find a very convincing way in hell to get booze for their party and you will see how they do it in this college porn video that only we have.

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I wonder if you can get a ticket for that LOL! Anyway our good friend Michael is at it again, and this time he picked up outside a local campus a college student that rounds up money by giving blowjobs and took her for a ride in his car, and as you can see by watching the video he was driving she was sucking his cock and balls, she went all the way and also took his load and swallowed it all. Michael is one of our faithful followers and is the one that has sent us so far the most amateur porn videos than anyone else in these past months. He claims that he has maybe three dozen more videos and will pass them on to us one at a time, a little at a time.

Amateur couple make homemade porn video in the park

The most unusual part of this video is that they’re doing in a park where it has recently snowed, this is a couple from Poland and they’ve asked us not to give out any more information of them even if they did send in their passport IDs along with the video. Both are college students, he is 20 and she is 19 years old. They heard about our website a few weeks back, they heard that we were buying homemade porn videos and decided to make this one especially for us, and exclusively for our blog. Needless to say that we edited the video that lasted nearly an hour and posted some of it here, however if you wish to see the whole hour and 10 minutes of this video feel free to click at any time on the video window and you’ll get access to that specific page in the archives.

Nice amateur blowjob and facial

I certainly have to give credit to this chick even if this is staged it still is amateur and she is actually very good at what she’s doing in this video and that is SUCKING COCK she really gets into it and you can tell that she is enjoying it. Then when he bursts his load all over her face, you can tell that she really enjoys that as well. So overall this is a pretty good amateur blowjob video and I have emailed him requesting that if they have any more videos like this to send them along and if they’re willing to make more to send them along as well because will be happy to publish them and let everybody see what this cock sucking bitch is all about.

Amateur couple have sex in the bathtub…

It always fun to watch amateurs having sex, and in this hidden camera homemade porn video you can see how he is doing everything that he can not to look at the camera, and not to give away his secret that he is filming everything that is happening in that bathtub. I firmly believe that she has no idea what is going on, simply because she never stares at the camera and usually amateurs if they pretend that they don’t know that there is a camera in the room while they are having sex, they will however take a peek at it a couple of times now and then. This actually is a very good quality amateur porn video and I sent him back an email asking him if he has any more of these on hand as we would be extremely excited to post them as well.

19-year-old college student masturbates and films everything that she’s doing

What a filthy fucking bitch she is, this was not a lost and found video, this was a video that she actually made three days ago and then send it to us via UPS on a burned DVD, with a copy of her college ID to prove that she is 19 years of age, and a phone number where we could contact her if there was any problems. There are no problems at all I do invite you to make more of these POV self masturbation videos, then if you have a few friends or a dude that will fuck you and you guys filming then I would be happy to post that as well, in other words bring it on you filthy fucking college whore!

Quality homemade video of hot chick giving titty-fuck

Tomorrow you will see another one of these videos starring the same girl, this was actually the second video that she sent us that we wants to present you the first. This is a college student from Ohio she is 19 years of age and I have spoken to her over the phone and I have to say that she is one of the most filthy minded sluts that I have ever spoken to in all my life, this is a woman that has claimed to have had sex with around 190 different men in her two years of college, that is one different guy every four days on campus. That has to be one hell of a record, I really don’t know any other skank that has fucked so many guys in such short time.

Anyhow this is a WebCam performance that she claims she did for a live audience of college students that were connected to her Skype and she thought it was a great idea to do what she did and as you can see she titty-fucks a dildo. This is a really good homemade self porn video, WebCam porn is never been so cool in amateur mode as this one right here.

Lesbian Homemade Porn… It’s nice to post one from time to time!

I really do appreciate Ashley and Alicia that made this lesbian amateur porn video and sent it to us via email at no cost, they didn’t want a penny for it, all they wanted was for us to post it so that many people could watch it and enjoy it. That’s the spirit! Unfortunately no he everybody that sends us videos of them or others in homemade porn acts actually want to be compensated and compensated extremely well. Not in this case!

here is some classical girlfriend revenge all in one amateur porn video!

Let’s go on a picnic, and let’s talk about it, let’s see if we can actually get back together, let’s see if we can make this work, that’s what he told his ex-girlfriend tricking her to go to the park in an isolated area and have sex with him, little did she know is that he would have filmed every single moment making that sex act and amateur porn video, but most of all getting his revenge on her because they left one another a few months before because she cheated on him.

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We do get in as you can see very often and as you can see from this video, quality amateur porn videos, in this case this is a couple from New Mexico, that made this video aproximally two years ago and since they broke up he thought it was a fantastic idea to sell it to us for $200. Does she know about it? He said yes, I know for fact that he is a filthy liar, because it’s impossible that two people break up and then he tells her he’s going to post their porn video, better still there homemade porn video on one of the most visited amateur porn websites that there are today on the Internet. Even without her permission like I give a flying fuck if she approves and cares or not. Here it is for you and I hope you enjoy it.


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