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What is it with all these Russian chicks getting involved in all these homemade college porn videos? Do they like to get busted and exposed on the world wide web? Well, here is yet another gorgeous 19 year old college student from Moscow that is being filmed by her boyfriend while shes on her dorm bed reading, it then slowly moves on to some fingering, then a blowjob and then some solid fucking. We have more from where it came from, click on the above banner to check out all the videos that we have on hand in our archives!

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Well, to cut short a very long story: She is a stay at home mom and when her two kids are at school and her husband at work, she has now and then someone come over for some intimate fun! Her husband had no idea what the fuck had been going on for over two years behind his back, until he found on his pc a video file that had no title but just a date. The date was of three weeks ago and because it’s his computer, he was wandering what it could be, you can imagine what he felt when he seen his wife getting fucked by someone else.

How did it end up on his computer? The dude thats banging his wife wanted to make a sex tape of them both, but she refused totally when he asked her what she thought. Well, the dick switched on the PC and activated the webcam, he sent the feed to his cell phone and recorded it all, only thing was that it also recorded everything to the computers drive.

That’s how he found it and thats why he burnt it on DVD and sent it to us, he wants the world to know what a filthy cheating whore his (soon to be EX) wife is. From what I understand, she has no idea that there is a homemade porn video of her and her lover, but once that we publish it on our blog, her husband will let her know!


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This right here is some serious shit going down! What are the odds that you actually get to be invited to a party by some Frat Brothers over at the 23rd floor of a Miami condo and at that party are six horny fucking sluts that just can’t wait to suck and fuck Frat dick? The chances of this happening to you or me are very slim, if none at all, so yes this dude is living a fucking dream, and because they were recording it all with their smartphones they want to share it with everyone and what better place to do that than sharing it on our blog that gets thousands of daily visitors ;)

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She used to be a well-known TV personality, then she got fired for some discriminating remarks and ended up becoming one of America’s most famous radio hosts and still is today. I’m not going to tell you who she is, if you live in the United States you probably already know without even looking at the video who this hot 36-year-old babe is. How did the video leak? Don’t ask us how, just appreciate the fact that we found it (let’s call it that way) and we posted it for free for everybody to enjoy ;)

Drunk whore party leaks on the Internet

As you can see we posted a similar video yesterday, and one of our viewers noticed that video and was kind enough to upload this video that is in the same theme but is a totally different event. It’s still party porn, it’s still a bunch of crazy drunk women and three male strippers in some censored but leaked action. The upload her of this video claims that nearly every woman in this video is either married or has a boyfriend. So for their protection (laughing out loud), we won’t tell you from what state in the United States this video was made and where this whore party took place.

All girls night before wedding party…

We hear about it all the time but to be honest we never actually get to see what happens at these kind of parties. Then you get the silly bitch that thinks it’s a very good idea of hers to film her and her friends having fun with paid strippers, and when I say fun I mean the fun went really beyond any possible imagination. It’s a little too late to try and get this video removed, we are the first to show it to the public, but by now and within the next few days I’m sure there will be many other porn tubes or even amateur related pornographic websites that would have already copied it from us and posted it themselves.

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Somebody should tell these crazy Canadian college students, that having sex anywhere in public in the state of Florida is a felony and you will be immediately arrested if caught doing so. Either they didn’t know or they couldn’t give a flying fuck because they were totally wasted out of their minds.

In any case who we are once again with a high definition digital amateur porn video, true homemade porn made by college students and as always we are the first to get our hands on it and of course we are the first to post it on the Internet.

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I was going through all the amateur videos that were uploaded this past weekend and I noticed in the middle of them I actually missed one out. That happens to be pretty good quality. It’s of some amateur chubby whore that has a website as well. She fucks with random people that she knows in her town and then posts it on her site. I think thats pretty cool, if you want all your town-mates to know you’re a fucking slut. But that’s totally OK with me and as you can see, one of the homemade porn videos that she uploaded and a banner leading to her website have been posted above.

Wife caught cheating thanks to this sex tape that leaked

It’s all fun and games till you get caught. In this case until the video you made with your lover gets lost and someone picks it up, plays it and see’s whats on it, then passes it on to us. Not only, they went further: They know this woman and they know her husband, so they sent a copy to him, to give him a heads up on what a fucking whore his wife is. So in other words, she got BUSTED. People will never fucking learn, that sex tapes will get you into a lot of trouble sooner or later. It’s thanks to these idiots, that were in business!

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This is what college is all about, I know because the last two years in college thats all that I did. I want to thank the guys over at Mofo’s, that put this amazing 4 minute college porn video together and sent me an exclusive copy to post here on my blog.

I have access to the Mofo’s database and the archive is fucking stacked with amateur college porn videos, just like the one above. So many that it would take me just a day to read the titles and another 4 months to watch all the videos “No Fucking Kidding!!”

I’ll leave you to it, check out this amazing porn video and if you like what you see, click on the banners above or bellow the video, or the link that I provided.

Amateur couple make their own homemade porn video

These two fuckers were so fucking crazy that they actually posted this video on Youtube. I’m not kidding you! It lasted about 30 minutes then they removed it. We however managed to download it. We have a lot more of it, if you consider that the movie they uploaded was 3 and a half hours long of many different moments that they filmed themselves fucking.

In these scene shes riding his cock up her ass and I thought that this was the perfect scene to show you all, taking in consideration that we haven’t posted a lot of amateur anal porn videos yet.

Real college porn videos are so much fun

Best of all when she has no idea that she’s being filmed, thats the crazy part of it all. Take in this case Gina here a college student from Canada, that was invited to her boyfriends dorm not knowing he has a hidden camera on the bookshelf and it was pointed right at where they had some filthy action going on. These were the results! Needless to say that we have a lot more of this video and a ton of others from amateurs from all over the world.

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I want you all to do something very smart, that would be to bookmark this blog, as we are coming out on a daily basis, thats weekends included, with some exclusive amateur porn, this is stuff that I guarantee that you have never seen before and that you wont see for a long time on any other website, blog or porn tube out there. Best of all, it’s all motherfucking free, you don’t pay to watch our porn! I have a couple of amazing porn videos to post tomorrow, so be sure to head back :)

Incredible amateur blowjob with hidden camera

We were told by the dude that made this video, that the camera is actually a notebook webcam, he switched the screen off, so that she didn’t know what the fuck was going on and these were the results! She is Mandy and her age is 21, no more info can we give on this babe, but one thing I can say and that is, she can suck cock just as well as a Pornstar would, she’s actually really fucking good at it!

Picked up in public taken home and fucked

That’s pretty much what happens here! I created this teaser for you all to check out of a Polish chick that was picked up while on vacation in Berlin by some local pervert. Anyways she’s a fucking whore without any doubt and he gets her to come back with him to his place where they fuck for a couple of hours. He films it all while going down and she really could care less. She didn’t know that he was going to post it on the internet that’s for sure!

Kinky amateur college student porn video

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It may seem unreal all the real homemade and amateur porn that we have on hand, but you really have no idea how hard it is for us to find all these sex tapes. That however isn’t your problem, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy all of this :)

This video is from a chick and her ex boyfriend. This was made while they were in college last year in Florida. Well actually its him that sent it to us, she still has to find out LOL. Check out what a kinky fucking whore this amateur college slut is.

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If it wasn’t her boyfriend that told me in person that this was the first time that she actually took a cock up her ass I would have never believed it, she gets ass fucked pretty hard and it seems that she really likes it, when usually checks the first time they take it up the shitter they have a totally different expression on their face.

Yet once again another exclusive amateur porn video that no one else has but us and as you can see we have placed a teaser of three minutes here above. However the whole movie as it was filmed last over an hour and I’m sure by now that you all know where to find that uncut and on edited video if you’re looking for it.

Keep in mind that this blog offers exclusive homemade porn videos and we post as you can see one or two new ones every single day, this is stuff that you will not see anywhere else but here, this is stuff that we go out and get, this is stuff that the actual people starring in the movies upload to our server or send it to us in a DVD.

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What are the chances that a real amateur couple will allow you to sit in and even film their first time anal sex moment? You’d be surprised to know that there are many couples out there that will do it, as long as the price is right. But in Bulgaria you won’t even have to spend that much.

We sent our cameraman to Eastern Europe on a short 2 week tour and he came back with seventy tapes of seventy different couples fucking. He came back to edit seventy sex tapes of Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Albanian couples fucking on video. One of them is in this video teaser you see above.

Well, the good news is that we have edited them and they’re all available in our archives. To access the archives, you can click on the blue text link right under the video frame, if not you can wait till this time next week and we’ll be posting another one of these.

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How about this for a Sunday video! As you can see we post every single day of the week, so Monday through Sunday with posting a brand-new amateur porn video every day. In this case we have two girls and two guys from Romania on that in Europe for all the ignorant fuckers among you LOL, and as you can see there in a public place, in this case a park in the suburbs of a major city in the rock along with them a friend and had her film them while they are having sex out in the open. Very creative, very different than the usual college dorm porn that were used to seeing coming from Easton country such as Bulgaria or Romania or hungry or the Czech Republic, but at the same time they are going out to a great risk of getting arrested. Something like that the United States will get you six months in jail depending on the state LOL.

However once again I thought this would be a really good idea for you to see and once again if it is appreciated like all the past videos that I have posted I will be adding more of these more frequently. However if you want to bypass waiting there that blue link under the video you can click on that if you wish to get access to all the videos that I have in my archives.

Amateur Ukrainian group sex caught on tape


As you can see not only in the United States people have so much fun in college LOL. This double couple of Ukrainian college students actually thought it was a very good idea if they had one of their lesbian friends stand in and film while they swapped couples and fucked. That’s the case, then this specific video was supposed to end up on a website that actually got banned, over in the East unfortunately laws for pornographic websites are a lot different than they are here in the United States of America. However for a low sum of cash I managed to purchase a bunch of these videos from them and like I mentioned yesterday I will be posting them on a weekly basis so that you can all catch your eyes on them and if you do appreciate the and I think you will I will be posting many more and a lot more often.

The blonde girl in this video I actually had the chance to meet, I won’t go into detail as if my girlfriend finds out what happened I will be single for sure LOL. Anyhow she is a remarkable girl he speaks fluent English and she should be graduating this year and her hopes are to come to the United States and finish off her Masters at the same time he would like to enter the adult entertainment industry as a pornstar. I told her that once she gets here I can help her in her career as long as we spend another evening together ;)


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