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Well, to cut short a very long story: She is a stay at home mom and when her two kids are at school and her husband at work, she has now and then someone come over for some intimate fun! Her husband had no idea what the fuck had been going on for over two years behind his back, until he found on his pc a video file that had no title but just a date. The date was of three weeks ago and because it’s his computer, he was wandering what it could be, you can imagine what he felt when he seen his wife getting fucked by someone else.

How did it end up on his computer? The dude thats banging his wife wanted to make a sex tape of them both, but she refused totally when he asked her what she thought. Well, the dick switched on the PC and activated the webcam, he sent the feed to his cell phone and recorded it all, only thing was that it also recorded everything to the computers drive.

That’s how he found it and thats why he burnt it on DVD and sent it to us, he wants the world to know what a filthy cheating whore his (soon to be EX) wife is. From what I understand, she has no idea that there is a homemade porn video of her and her lover, but once that we publish it on our blog, her husband will let her know!


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Best of all when she has no idea that she’s being filmed, thats the crazy part of it all. Take in this case Gina here a college student from Canada, that was invited to her boyfriends dorm not knowing he has a hidden camera on the bookshelf and it was pointed right at where they had some filthy action going on. These were the results! Needless to say that we have a lot more of this video and a ton of others from amateurs from all over the world.

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We were told by the dude that made this video, that the camera is actually a notebook webcam, he switched the screen off, so that she didn’t know what the fuck was going on and these were the results! She is Mandy and her age is 21, no more info can we give on this babe, but one thing I can say and that is, she can suck cock just as well as a Pornstar would, she’s actually really fucking good at it!


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