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Amateur couple have sex in the bathtub…

It always fun to watch amateurs having sex, and in this hidden camera homemade porn video you can see how he is doing everything that he can not to look at the camera, and not to give away his secret that he is filming everything that is happening in that bathtub. I firmly believe that she has no idea what is going on, simply because she never stares at the camera and usually amateurs if they pretend that they don’t know that there is a camera in the room while they are having sex, they will however take a peek at it a couple of times now and then. This actually is a very good quality amateur porn video and I sent him back an email asking him if he has any more of these on hand as we would be extremely excited to post them as well.

Famous soccer player busted cheating on his wife!

I’m not going to say the name of the player, but if you do follow soccer here in the United States you can clearly see who this person is, he is absolutely famous, he is one of the top soccer players in the United States right now. That is not his wife, that actually is the wife of another soccer player that happens to be his teammate, so this makes the video even more embarrassing for him. We listed this as a hidden camera porn video, but in reality it was just a silly mistake on her behalf, as she was checking her laptop and her emails and forgot to report her laptop off, and as because she has also when cam on her Skype, a friend of hers contacted her and got to see all of this while it was happening. Of course she recorded it and somehow it ended up right here on our blog LOL.

Hotel Room Hidden Camera… cheating wife BUSTED!!!

We know for a fact that it was him the port the WebCam on before they started having sex, the reason why is because he wanted to bribe this cheating bitch into having more sex with him every single time that he wanted to, but that really was not a clever move if you think that she has already applied for divorce with her husband wow he is married and has two children. Things turned around once he handed her a copy of threatening her, she said go ahead and tell my husband like I give a fucking fuck. She then threw a friend managed to pass this video on to us and asked us to post it, of course making him look like a stupid fool and now I’m sure he is trembling with fear that his wife would actually get to see this video on the Internet. And one thing is for sure that we will never remove it!!

Real amateur porn videos staring a “Cheating Wife!”

Actually they both are cheating he is happily married so he claims while she is separated but still married and lives under the same roof with her separated husband, so the one that’s going to risk more in this video is definitely him. How did this video leak? I could really not tell, not because I don’t want to it’s because I really don’t know and all but I do know is that this video was found by a friend of his (what a rotten friend he has) and he sold it to us for 150 bucks. He even went out of his way to give us the full name and address of both of the participants in this video, but of course we are not going to provide anyone with that information. Stay tuned because tomorrow and the day after we will be posting more cheating wife’s porn videos.

Pawning your sex tape with us, as long as you are 19 years old or older we will buy

At exactly what this couple did, the video is when they were both in college back in 2012, but since then they broke up and he unemployed is looking for some money and it came to his attention that we buy all kinds of sex tapes as long as they are legal. As he lives right here in town (Miami Florida), he actually came knocking on our office door with a bunch of DVDs, of him and the several girls that he had sex with while he was in college including his girlfriend so that means he was cheating on her all the time while he was in college. Great quality videos and here is one of them today, it’s simply a teaser but we have so many of him having sex gorgeous homemade amateur babes from college and we will be posting them in the days and months to come.

Hidden camera porn, this time the victim is a cheating college student

Morally filming a woman while you are having sex with her is just wrong it really isn’t fair, but there are some cases where it’s actually a good thing. you see, this is Emily, she is a 22-year-old college graduate that is about to leave the University and start her life off with her boyfriend that is also a college graduate in another university they will be heading to New Mexico and both will be working at the same medical practice. From what we understand he has been extremely faithful with her, he had the opportunity to cheat on her several times, but he always turned down the women that wanted to have sex with him. On the other hand in the four years that they have been together and the four years that she has been in college far away from him for at least 20 days a month, she claimed to a roommate that she has had sex with over 200 different guys and her boyfriend does not suspect a single act of cheating. Not entail this video surfaced and was handed to us and we are proud to post it on our blog we also are in possession of the mailing address of her boyfriend and we weren’t a copy on DVD and sent it to him, because I really think at this point he needs to know, and at this point he needs to leave her.

More hidden cameras and more dorm porn

Another tricked into doing it babe! Veronica Miles is her name 19 is her age and she attends college on the Pacific coast. The cock that she’s riding is not the one attached to her boyfriend, it’s actually her dormmates boyfriend.

He did something like they did on the movie American Pie, where they broadcasted everything that was going to happen via webcam. Only that in this case they did fuck and as you can see she had a lot of fun riding that big cock.

He on the other hand was connected to half a dozen friends and they recorded the whole 130 minutes of raw sex. The tape leaked and as you can see we have out own copy!

Hides Hidden Camera in Dorm and Fucks his Friends GF

Looks more like a Frat House to me, I’ve never seen a dorm look so nice. Thats not the case, who gives a flying fuck about the room their in anyways!! This is the sly way to make homemade porn, that to trick the chick and fuck her while there is a video recording device pointing where all the action is happening. However, she is a filthy cheater so it serves the bitch right!

Her name is Helen Bates, shes 21, Canadian, but attending college in the US, simply cos her parents are filthy rich! She still has to find out about this video being made, and can you imagine how fucking pissed she’d be when she gets the news that we actually posted it for millions of people to see? LOL!

Spy Cam Pervert records hot chick in changing room via hidden camera

He was busted for this and the filthy motherfucker went to jail for a couple of years. Then two of the victims actually thought that they could make a few bucks out of this whole peeping tom situation, by allowing us and a few other specialized websites publish these videos of them.

Well Sheila and Nancy got both $500 each from us to allow the site to show this video of them, that however is from late 2012, but by meeting these two babes in person, this past weekend at NYC, I have to tell you all, they’ve kept their looks just like they were in the video!

Hot babe tricked into making homemade porn video


This is by far one of the most classical ways to trick a girl into making a hidden camera homemade porn video, all you have to do is place your laptop that has an embedded camera in its lid and pointing in the direction where you’re going to bone her, this is how it happened and yes, yet another hot college chick gets tricked as you can see.

The video comes from Canada and the girl in the video is called Emma she is 21 years of age and is attending her last year in business school before she graduates goes back home to Alaska. The dude in the video is not a college student he pretends to be someone that attends college but instead is a college crasher and as you can see he collects homemade porn videos of himself and all the women that he brings home to fuck.

Want a Douchebag this motherfucker is, but on the other hand if they weren’t assholes like him we would never have material and footage to show you all. Keeping consideration that 95% of the time the chicks in these videos do not consent at all for these videos to be seen in public.

Hidden camera catches ex-girlfriend riding a fat cock

Well in this case is she is not cheating, this was her legitimate boyfriend at the time, even though she had absolutely no idea in any way or sort whatsoever that she was being filmed, in fact the conniving bastard switched his laptop on that has a classical WebCam above the screen and pointed it towards the bed and then recorded everything to his hard drive. This video remained on his drive for many months, then she left him claiming she was in love with somebody else, and in no time she cleaned up all her stuff from the apartment and left.

This is his way of saying goodbye to her, not only did he send us the only and original copy of the video, he also is going to let his ex girlfriend, all her family and her new boyfriend no exactly where they can find this video.

Emo brunette college whore fucks her best friends boyfriend

Lets try our best to make a very long story short. Helen a 19 year old college student, thinks that her boyfriend Frank age 22 is cheating on her, she has no idea where and with who, but she has that gut feeling. So what she did is hide a battery operated hidden pin-camera in his dorm, she did this just before she headed home for the weekend and he knows that she’s 600 miles away and could never see of find out whats happening.

Well the bitch was right, he was cheating on her and the video proves it all. The stunning and most shocking thing of all is that on this hidden camera porn video, he is fucking her roommate, her friend and the person that she trusts the most on campus.

Well, what better way to get your evil back on them both? Pass us the video and let us post it on one of our blogs, and as you can see that’s what did here today.

Someone else fucked this dudes wife

Well, to cut short a very long story: She is a stay at home mom and when her two kids are at school and her husband at work, she has now and then someone come over for some intimate fun! Her husband had no idea what the fuck had been going on for over two years behind his back, until he found on his pc a video file that had no title but just a date. The date was of three weeks ago and because it’s his computer, he was wandering what it could be, you can imagine what he felt when he seen his wife getting fucked by someone else.

How did it end up on his computer? The dude thats banging his wife wanted to make a sex tape of them both, but she refused totally when he asked her what she thought. Well, the dick switched on the PC and activated the webcam, he sent the feed to his cell phone and recorded it all, only thing was that it also recorded everything to the computers drive.

That’s how he found it and thats why he burnt it on DVD and sent it to us, he wants the world to know what a filthy cheating whore his (soon to be EX) wife is. From what I understand, she has no idea that there is a homemade porn video of her and her lover, but once that we publish it on our blog, her husband will let her know!


Real college porn videos are so much fun

Best of all when she has no idea that she’s being filmed, thats the crazy part of it all. Take in this case Gina here a college student from Canada, that was invited to her boyfriends dorm not knowing he has a hidden camera on the bookshelf and it was pointed right at where they had some filthy action going on. These were the results! Needless to say that we have a lot more of this video and a ton of others from amateurs from all over the world.

leaked porn videos

I want you all to do something very smart, that would be to bookmark this blog, as we are coming out on a daily basis, thats weekends included, with some exclusive amateur porn, this is stuff that I guarantee that you have never seen before and that you wont see for a long time on any other website, blog or porn tube out there. Best of all, it’s all motherfucking free, you don’t pay to watch our porn! I have a couple of amazing porn videos to post tomorrow, so be sure to head back :)

Incredible amateur blowjob with hidden camera

We were told by the dude that made this video, that the camera is actually a notebook webcam, he switched the screen off, so that she didn’t know what the fuck was going on and these were the results! She is Mandy and her age is 21, no more info can we give on this babe, but one thing I can say and that is, she can suck cock just as well as a Pornstar would, she’s actually really fucking good at it!


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