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Anal on first date caught on homemade video

So what? She likes it up the ass! My girlfriend loves it up the ass, she’s always wanting it even when we went on vacation to Paris, we were in this posh hotel that overlooked Avenue Marceau and she stood by the window with her legs wide and told me to suff my cock up her anus and so I did. What has that got to do with today’s stolen leaked porn video? Nothing, it’s just a filthy moment of my girlfriend, one of the many.

This video just came in and we didn’t even edit it as it was already cut and ready to play, so instead of keeping it in line with the others we thought that it would be a good idea to show this one fresh and right away. The fuck took place less than six hours ago this dudes frat house bedroom, the clever bastard kept his computer webcam on and shut off the monitor so it looked like that the computer wasn’t even on, but oh yeah as you can see it very much was.

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Skinny 18 year old fucked on hidden camera

The word hidden means something that is hard to see or that you can’t see it at all and that fits the description of this video as the chick taking the cock had no idea in any way what so ever that she would end up on a leaked porn video blog naked and taking cock in her holes, but it seems that she did. Clive is the dude banging her on his frat house bed and Clive is the person that came to our studios the other afternoon wanting to sell this video. He got what he wanted and once paid he asked us not to tell anyone where we got the tape from. Yeah right!… Like I’m going to give you out of my own pocket #00 bucks and not tell the world that your name is Clive Watson age 22 and that you like to film fresh college chicks getting fucked without their consent? Oh No! Sorry that just slipped out, to late right?

Scum like you Clive however keep me and my staff in business, without shady fuckers like you we would be flipping burgers or working for someone that runs a porn site and not being someone that runs a porn site (did that make any sense at all?). I wish that I had this chicks name and phone number, so that I could lead her to this page and she can see with her own eyes what a chunk of turd that you are and how you tricked her into making this video. I hope that she sees it and that her daddy is rich and they decide to sue your ass.

The video however is a classic, you place the camera in a shoe box or under some towels and then put it on motion sensor (all new cams have it) and then bring her up to your frat house bedroom and fuck her right there where the camera is pointed at. I have at least a hundred videos like this one you’re about to see, however this is a pretty good one and he is good at making her ass and pussy point towards the camera and even when he bangs her he is able to get it all in the shot. Well like always thats enough with the words and lets check this video out shall we?!!

More amateur naked babes exposed

Ambra from Mexico, Susan from Alaska, Julie from Cardiff in the UK, Lisa from Italy, Ellen from Texas and Ashlee from Florida are the six chicks that are exposed today, the word exposed is used as they didn’t want us to put these pics on the web, and because they didn’t want us to do this we decided to make things worse and crate an album for each of the babes you can see below, all you have to do is click on the pic and the album will open. However I’d check them out right away before they have the competent authorities have them removed. Once again, I’d like to say to the babes involved in this post, don’t blame us if your exposed on our blog, but blame yourself. You had the pics taken or you self shot them, you put them on a social network page or you left you phone or camera hanging around, you fucking asked for it!

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Hidden camera exposes cheating bitch

I don’t even know why we are here talking about it when the video pretty much speaks for itself. Janette age 20, college student in a very big college in the south east of the United States has a thing for longer cocks and her boyfriend really hasn’t got what she needs, so from time to time she will cheat on him with dudes that have a few inches more. Well after a few months he started to think that something could be up, something isn’t right and so he set her up to see if she really was cheating on him. He fakes that he has to leave campus to go back to his hometown because his Grandma is sick, and before leaving he plants video cameras all over the house, hidden very well. On his return he checked out the footage and there it was, three days he was gone and three guys she fucked. The video here below is day two and the dude that shes having sex with is nothing the less than one of his classmates, that knows that Janette and he are together.

Very sad story, but thats not how it ended. When he confronted her she actually denied everything and she had the balls to leave him, however he told Janette to check out our blog today as she would be in for a surprise. Yes he did, he handed us over the videos and here is one of them. I wonder what she will say when she sees that her homemade porno is now spread all over the web?

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These college chicks don’t look that innocent now do they!

Indeed they don’t, this is what happens when you decide to get drunk at a party where there are other sluts and a lot of cocks, one drink one cock and there ya go, your all into it and you’re so drunk that you have no idea that the dude holding up the smartphone is actually filming you taking cock. Like I always say, it’s a little to late for that now isn’t it babe?! However if it wasn’t for you drunk college party whores, we wouldn’t have anything to show on this blog, so your personal damage for us is like curry to an Indian :D I wan’t to thank all the babes in these pics and videos that have contacted us requesting that we take them down, but like I’ve stated before, there is nothing less than an act of the lord himself that will get us to remove your filth, you should have thought of thet before sucking that dudes cock with an audience!

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Some leaked picks from social media profiles

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My dad always said never take pics that you don’t want anyone to see, he was right then, he was right when I was taking them and he is right now that its to late. These are the words of one of the babes in a pic here below, she asked us not to publish her pics but it’s a little to late for that, her boyfriend sold them to us and if she needs to be pissed off at someone then be mad at him and not at us you silly 19 year old college whore. This is what we do and I could care less if you feel that we’re violating your privacy!

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I suggest that you girls out there on the waves of the internet, that you take down your naked pics off the social networks, remember that even if you set your FB profile to private we can still see your shit, once a pic is on the web it’s no longer private its public, it’s for everyone to see and thats what we do here, we leaked the pics so that everyone can see them, see you, see the amateur and homemade porn that your in and whatever comes with it. Thats why everyone should bookmark us or remember to come back every day, one day you might end up naked on our blog and not know it LOL!


We have some drunk party sluts for you

We have them all on this post, Emo’s, young mothers, cheating girlfriends and college party whores, all drunk and horny and all could care less that there are cameras hanging around and they they’re filming this crazy hot shit thats going down. Photographs or videos, you name it we have it, so either way you’re in for a treat of thousands of videos and pics, you’re one click away!.

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You know what guys and girls, if thats not enough for you then I want to suggest that you click on the bellow image and check out our other website full of party sluts, feel free to do whatever you want, but if you don’t click you’ll never know what you missed out on.


Security camera amateur fucking at lunch break

This has to be the busted of all fucking busted on camera, check out these co-workers having a solid hard fuck in the break room at the company they work for and they are doing it right under a security camera. The security guard was monitoring the videos and he got to see all this action live. They thought because they were working the night shift that no one but them were in the building and that no one could hear her moan while she takes his cock on the coffee table. Great amateur porn classic this is going to be leaked fresh from the security room. Security guy instead of reporting the event, he took the video burnt it onto a dvd and sent to us in exchange of a few hundred bucks, so what you see is totally exclusive!

Hidden Camera made porno

Silly bitch had no idea about the camera he hid on his bookshelf, he just wanted to get her to come back time after time to his shitty apartment to fuck, and if she didn’t want to any more he had the tape to blackmail her with, well even with the amateur porno in his hands as a threatening tool she still refused to fuck him so he let the tape lose and now the whole world can see what a nasty bitch she is.

Hidden camera amateur porn

Meet Jon and Ken, these two are top buddies, they have been friends since they were eight and since then they’ve always shared everything in their life, even their girlfriend I’m not kidding they really did share Jon’s girlfriend and they have the amateur porno video to prove it. She was however tricked into doing this and by watching the amateur porno you will see why I’m saying she was tricked.