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Shanika is a ghetto bitch from Detroit, she has a big thing for white dudes, she told a friend of hers (that then reported back to us) that she likes them because she likes it up the ass and when a black dude tries to ass fuck her, she ends up always telling him to stop. We all know now why she likes white dudes LOL!!

In this video here she’s not getting fucked up her busted asshole, but rather she’s sucking cock, the very lucky dude in the video is a co-workers of hers from KFC, I know thats weird, a white dude that works there…

Anyway for the past three years she was sharing an apartment with the chick that gave us the video. The reason why she gave it to us is that she needs fast cash right away and once she found this dvd among her roommates shit, she didn’t think fucking twice to ask us how much she could get for it. We gave her $300 for a 90 minute dvd full of amateur porn staring the hot black whore you see in the video above.
She also told us not to worry about Shanika getting mad over us broadcasting the video, as she’s been arrested and is awaiting trial for battery with a deadly weapon, so she wont be around for three to six LOL!

Prostitute shared by two customers in this homemade porn video

Yes we are still in the Netherlands, and this time around we have two American tourists, that pay a prostitute in the red district area to come back to their hotel room where they fuck the living shit out of her for three solid hours, the price tag was €400, but they said it was totally worth it, because they even got this amazing to our video out of it.

The question is now, who filmed it while they were fucking this hot bitch with a more than perfect body? Well that’s even more bizarre, they actually paid a 65-year-old cleaning woman to come in the room, dropped her mop and bucket and pick up a video camera to film every single moment that was happening, she was also paid handsomely €300 to film everything and to shut the fuck up about it and tell no one.

Gorgeous college student from Belarus makes an amateur porn video with her sisters boyfriend

These are most probably the most twisted minded people, then that put stuff like this together and therefore, a girl 20 years of age, college student and a guy 22 years old and he also a college student. They are not together, actually he is together with her sister, but they decide to make a porn video for fun and of course without letting her sister that would be his girlfriend know anything about it, they will keep the video for themselves, and never tell anyone.

That was the plan, but they had to have somebody step in and fill them while they were having sex and that’s where his roommate and frat brother volunteered for the job. I was him and his friend were college graduates and therefore will leaving school within a week, the friend kept a copy of the video for himself without letting them know, and that friend contacted us and sold us the video for €150.

Where do we get these videos? I’m not telling you!

Why would I ever tell you fuckers where I get my amateur porn stash from? I can tell you that I have contacts from all over the world that send me this stuff! Basically all that I do, is sit back and choose which of the videos should be posted on our blog and which of these videos should be placed in the archives for all blog members to watch and enjoy.

We get videos from Canada and the United States, some from South America, but most of all we get a lot from Eastern Europe but especially from Ukraine Belarus and Russia. And if you take in consideration that the girls on these three nations are usually always very slim, petite, pretty, and horny, then that’s why we are posting a lot of them right here on our blog.

Amateur redhead slut nails that cock

She has no idea that this video has actually leaked. The reason is, the video was made not even 24 hours ago, and she was so fucking wasted, that she wont even remember that the dude she was sucking off actually was filming everything with his iPhone. This however is just a teaser, we have another 47 minutes of her taking cock up her pussy and ass, so be sure to visit our archive pages and get to see it all!!

Thick amateur fuck with cheating girlfriend

Watch this thick 19 year old babe suck on this very lucky dudes cock. How did we get hold of this video, you don’t want to fucking know! However enjoy it now as she, the chubby amateur whore has said she has already contacted a lawyer and she will have the video removed in days and sue my ass back to the stone age! LOL!

We paid her $500 to do this homemade porn video

Gorgeous ebony chick that attends a college about 60 miles away from our office, came knocking on our door asking it to be a possible recruit for the adult entertainment business. We told her that we run websites and we do not have studios where we record porn videos, and that we are specifically for amateur and homemade porn. She then came up with a proposal that if we gave her $500 she in return would show us her picture ID that proves she is over the age of 18 (it’s a matter of fact she is 21) and her blood test certificate showing that she is free of any diseases and then if we would let her in she would fuck one of us on video. Well that’s what happened I offered as volunteer as I could not turn down such a beautiful woman and we made this amazing homemade porn video.

Having sex when your mother is not around

First of all this dumb bitch is 20 years old and still living at home with her mother and father, however both of them work so during working hours she is always bringing home someone from the fast food chain where she works and has some random sex. Only that this time she actually let the guy who was doing her film everything that was happening. Little did she know that he was going to turn around and sell it to us. I have to say that this was actually the best $100 spent this year so far. She is a cock muncher and really knows what she is doing when it comes down to taking care of a man’s dick. I truly think that this girl could become a pornstar!

More hidden cameras and more dorm porn

Another tricked into doing it babe! Veronica Miles is her name 19 is her age and she attends college on the Pacific coast. The cock that she’s riding is not the one attached to her boyfriend, it’s actually her dormmates boyfriend.

He did something like they did on the movie American Pie, where they broadcasted everything that was going to happen via webcam. Only that in this case they did fuck and as you can see she had a lot of fun riding that big cock.

He on the other hand was connected to half a dozen friends and they recorded the whole 130 minutes of raw sex. The tape leaked and as you can see we have out own copy!

Hides Hidden Camera in Dorm and Fucks his Friends GF

Looks more like a Frat House to me, I’ve never seen a dorm look so nice. Thats not the case, who gives a flying fuck about the room their in anyways!! This is the sly way to make homemade porn, that to trick the chick and fuck her while there is a video recording device pointing where all the action is happening. However, she is a filthy cheater so it serves the bitch right!

Her name is Helen Bates, shes 21, Canadian, but attending college in the US, simply cos her parents are filthy rich! She still has to find out about this video being made, and can you imagine how fucking pissed she’d be when she gets the news that we actually posted it for millions of people to see? LOL!

One of our leaked tapes uploaded to our servers this week

Thanks to Mofo’s the adult entertainment company that passed on this video to us via upload in exclusive. We get a shit load of these videos from them and other leaders in the adult entertainment industry, because these are videos that they don’t handle, these are videos that are not in theme with what they do, so they always come by us and drop off these videos. Logically they’re all in theme, such as Amateur Porn videos and homemade sex videos, leaked sex video, hidden camera sex tapes and like in this case a POV. A video made by an amateur couple, where he will film all the action thats going down.

Need Cash? Make a Porn Video and Sell it!

That’s what that silly fucking bitch went and did. Made a porno with the cooperation with of her sister and her sisters boyfriend. Said that you can imagine what a twisted fucking family this has to be!

Well they made this video and sold it to our affiliates over in Canada, that kindly gave us a copy in exclusive. The video lasts about 130 minutes, but we cut it down to 3.5 minutes. If you want to see the rest or Our Other Videos, click that link and get access to the archives.

Shy Czech Republic girl with the desire to become a porn star

I always thought that hot girls that want to become porn stars, was actually a last resort, it was the last thing that a very hot girl just like this one in the video would want to become. But my running many pornographic websites I do realize that this is not the fact, it is definitely not the case. I know many girls that want to become adult models, and really don’t care that much if the pay is high or extremely high, they just find it very exciting to have sex and know that people will be watching them and jerking off at them while they are having sex.

Well I have some very bad news Carmen the very pretty 19-year-old girl in this video didn’t make it, she sent this video out last year to most probably three dozen different porn producers in Los Angeles and in Europe but they all turned her down saying that this was not what they were looking for. She thought that she had withdrawn every single one of the tapes, but as you can see she is wrong and he or she is today on this leaked porn video totally exposed while she is taking it up her ass.

Petite 19-year-old German girl doing anal while being videotaped

This very pretty 19-year-old German girl from Berlin and her boyfriend (he is 23) came up with the bright idea to create this homemade porn video with the help of her roommate that stood in and filmed all the action while it was happening. Then they uploaded it to our website shortly after it came an email where they specifically asked us to not post this but if we could kindly pass it on to any pornography producers that we may know. First of all never trust anyone that runs a pornographic website, second of all I am going to post this video, I am not even been a blur out your face, but in exchange of your courtesy of letting us do this (NOT) shortly after this video goes live, I will be contacting three adult entertainment produces that I personally know and I will be sending them the full video that you sent us.

Real amateur getting her ass fucked on homemade porn video

As it was not the authors that posted this video I really don’t have the possibility to ask them who was filming all of this while he was poking her up her ass. You see, we get a lot of these videos where you can see that they are being filmed by a third person and to be honest I have heard the most weirdest things in the past. The instance I have on hold three videos that come from Canada of a very hot married woman cheating on her husband with a guy that lives three homes down from her house on her very street. When I asked her if he is not filming this while he is having sex with you, then who is? She replied it was her sister LOL. She also claimed that her sister had her dose of cock as well, only that she preferred to be fucked up her ass off video and therefore there is no footage of the sister getting anal-fucked.

We have some more amateur Russian college students for you

Along with the video came her photo ID, I can confirm she’s 21 and she goes to a college in the Russian capital but I find her name really hard to pronounce, to be honest I never really heard this kind of name for. The guy that sent in this video is the boyfriend of that girl and for obvious reasons he asked me not to publish her name and scene as he gave us this video free we will respect his demand.

We are the first to get our hands on this video and him till other websites rip it and place it on their pages it will remain an exclusive amateur porn video just like many others that we have posted in these past two months. Exclusivity is our main priority so that you know that every single video that we publish it will be the first time that you see it guaranteed.

College amateur porn video broadcasted via WebCam on the Internet

This Estonian 19-year-old college chick was taken to a cheap hotel room by a British tourist, she was told that she would have been handsomely paid if she would have sex with him and allow his friend to film them doing it. At the sight of those €1500 she didn’t think twice and accepted the proposition. Everything when as it should she was fucked in her pussy, up her ass and she took his load all over her face. However once that she picked up the cash from tourists hands, she also asked on the tape as she had changed her mind and didn’t want anyone to get to see her having sex with somebody that she just met, simply because she has a boyfriend that attends the same college where she is at.

As you can see that never happened they refused to hand over the videotape slapped her around a bit and threw her out, video them was safely uploaded from the hotel room to our server, and they asked us if we would broadcast it immediately and that’s exactly what we did.

More college whores making amateur porn videos for cash

My question is: Why would you even think of making a homemade porn video if then like nearly every other college chick does, they changed their mind right after that they’ve made it and they decide that the tape should not be given or shown to anyone and especially not given to any specialized blog like ours.

However your loss, you should have not made it, because once it’s on tape or its burnt on a DVD it’s already too late. This Czech Republic chick you see in the video threatened to sue us if we even thought of posting this video of her getting fucked for cash at a friends college dorm in Prague. At the time she thought it was a great idea because the money was quite good, but when the Tories told her where and what he was going to do with it she totally change your mind… Too little too late bitch!


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