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So Amanda and this dude that she met on Local Cheaters are having the time of their life. She is 23 and has been married six months now, he is about to get married and is 22. They met on that website and from time to time they meet up and set appointments via the website or at his place or at a motel a little out of town and away from anyone that could snitch on them both. His girlfriend works in NYC and comes back home to Chicago every other weekend, while her husband works very long hours as he is a regional manager for a large retail company, so as you can see they have a lot of open windows to meet up and have a good time. Thats what their doing right now. He had the very clever idea to bring in a video camera on this one and as you can see it leaked. Well, it makes perfect sense why its on our blog duh! I did wait a few months before I added this video, I didn’t want to get them both in trouble, but when I found out that he left his girlfriend and she bunked her husband and that now they’re together, I said fuck it and put it up today for everyone to check out.

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This is Rachel Evans younger sister, 19 is the age, nice and tall, nice round ass and loves to suck sock so her sister told us. Well I really wouldn’t mind her lips around my cock, so what did this clever fucking bastard go and do? I invited her to the office let her know that I am connected with a shit load of webcam site owners and that she can pick where to go to work, for many reasons. One that she is totally smoking fucking hot, two that with one cock sucking and swallow of facial I can pull all the strings that she wants me to. Thats what happened, I got my cock and balls sucked for a good 45 minutes and then she swallowed all my cum and rubbed that little that squirted out of her mouth all over her face. What a fucking hot scene and all I have is this one pic.


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Cheating is what gives her a buzz, the thrill of doing something that she shouldn’t and doing it close to where her husband could find out. Thats what she like to do best this classy slut, this cheating bitch, this very hot mother of two and that doesn’t look like shes 39 but 10 years less. She even has a sex tape that she made with some Latin dude she met when she was on vacation in Argentina, she still has no idea that this tape is on the web and that you can see her face really well in the 17 minute homemade movie. I would love to tell her, but with all the cash this bitch has she could pay people to have it removed, so I’ll mind my own fucking business and let her get caught.


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This babe is my favorite and I’m saying that she is my very favorite out of all the 1560 girls that work for LiveFreeFun.com I cant resist Lisa, she is half Italian and half Cuban, the perfect Latina, great body all shaved and she loves to wear stockings and I love to look at women in stockings as well. I actually love to fuck babes in stockings, thats why I always ask my girlfriend to put them on with a nice corset when we fuck as it truly turns me on. How did I find out about her, that wasn’t hard at all, word of mouth on these things is pretty common from where I live. In this case Jake the Gay black porn model told me about her, see he’s dating my older brother that happens to be gay as well. Well at the end of the day we are going to meet up and I’m very fucking excited and will let you all know if we fuck or not.


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