Famous soccer player busted cheating on his wife!

I’m not going to say the name of the player, but if you do follow soccer here in the United States you can clearly see who this person is, he is absolutely famous, he is one of the top soccer players in the United States right now. That is not his wife, that actually is the wife of another soccer player that happens to be his teammate, so this makes the video even more embarrassing for him. We listed this as a hidden camera porn video, but in reality it was just a silly mistake on her behalf, as she was checking her laptop and her emails and forgot to report her laptop off, and as because she has also when cam on her Skype, a friend of hers contacted her and got to see all of this while it was happening. Of course she recorded it and somehow it ended up right here on our blog LOL.

Hotel Room Hidden Camera… cheating wife BUSTED!!!

We know for a fact that it was him the port the WebCam on before they started having sex, the reason why is because he wanted to bribe this cheating bitch into having more sex with him every single time that he wanted to, but that really was not a clever move if you think that she has already applied for divorce with her husband wow he is married and has two children. Things turned around once he handed her a copy of threatening her, she said go ahead and tell my husband like I give a fucking fuck. She then threw a friend managed to pass this video on to us and asked us to post it, of course making him look like a stupid fool and now I’m sure he is trembling with fear that his wife would actually get to see this video on the Internet. And one thing is for sure that we will never remove it!!

Real amateur porn videos staring a “Cheating Wife!”

Actually they both are cheating he is happily married so he claims while she is separated but still married and lives under the same roof with her separated husband, so the one that’s going to risk more in this video is definitely him. How did this video leak? I could really not tell, not because I don’t want to it’s because I really don’t know and all but I do know is that this video was found by a friend of his (what a rotten friend he has) and he sold it to us for 150 bucks. He even went out of his way to give us the full name and address of both of the participants in this video, but of course we are not going to provide anyone with that information. Stay tuned because tomorrow and the day after we will be posting more cheating wife’s porn videos.

Amateurs just having some homemade porn fun!

This amateur porn video was filmed spring break of 2014 but it only leaked four days ago when it ended up in our hands. She is Britney is 20 years old and he is Adam also 20 years of age. Until two weeks ago these two were a happy couple, then he discovered that she was cheating on him and had been for a few weeks with some dude at her workplace. Well the best way to get back at her was that to collect everything that they had made together, and I’m talking about photography and film work, and handed over to the specialists in girlfriend revenge amateur porn, and homemade sex videos, and that would be us here at leakedporn.com. So on request of a cheaters victim here you are with Britney and Adam having some sex in their spring break hotel room last April in Miami Florida.

Yet again: More College Porn!

It is almost a shame that we have to expose this very pretty 21-year-old college student, I myself would nail her as hard as I could for as long as I could LOL. The name is Nadia she’s from Italian descent and lives in Stamford Connecticut, she attends college though California and there she is also doing part-time work to gain experience and to make some cash in a legal practice office. As you can see she makes a little extra on the side LOL. We blurred out the face of the man having sex with this gorgeous babe in this incredibly great quality amateur porn video, simply because he is a lawyer and we don’t want to get into trouble with him now do we LOL.

Another incredible eastern European homemade porn video

God damn I was born in the wrong part of the world, don’t take me wrong I absolutely love the United States of America, I definitely wouldn’t move anywhere else but when it comes down to sex, the United States totally sucks LOL. Nearly every single amateur and homemade porn video that we got in upload on our computers from our visitors are either from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latonia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Czech republic, Sylvania, Slovakia, Bosnia, Croatia…. They must be having the time of their life over there in Eastern Europe, so I really won’t waste anymore time rather than saying this is another incredible homemade porn video from Poland, to be more accurate from the city of Danzica (or however you spell it). She works in a clothing store and she is offered at Philly watching makes in a whole month to have sex with a guy for the remaining 90 minutes of her shift. Guess what? She really didn’t think twice when she store all that money in her face and they moved to a back room and had some solid hard homemade sex, while he got it all on video via his cell phone to make this incredible amateur porn video.

Extremely high quality homemade porn video that only we have

I know it is only us that has thisamateur porn video, simply because we were handed over the original tape, if we can call it a tape it was a cell phone download straight to our computer from the phone and then everything that was on the phone was deleted. So yes this video is authentic, it is exclusive, and only we have it, obviously until all of you will download it to your computers as well and there it will no longer be our exclusive LOL. The guy that selling us these homemade porn videos is actually doing this for a living, what he will do is search his town and the town’s around him for girls that for a few hundred euros will do everything he wants them to do, and from what I can see an obviously from what he is making from us he is definitely making a living out of this and at the same time he is having sex with gorgeous amateur chicks.

it is amazing what a few hundred euros and actually do today

We are in the old eastern part of Berlin in Germany, the girl that is in this video is by far not German at all, she is in Germany in the hopes to find a a job, her dream is to become a model, however she is extremely short of cash, and being that desperate she will go to any extent to make a few hundred euros and that’s exactly why this video took place, simply because she hooked up with a guy that offered her €400 he could fuck her right then and there however there was no place to go, his hotel was in another town and her apartment was nearly 2 hours away on public transport. They made it to a underground garage in the center of Germany’s capital and that’s where they had sex, this incredible homemade porn video has never been seen anywhere else on the Internet except for us that published it today January 24, 2015. As usual I would like to invite you all to visit the archive pages on our website simply by clicking on the link that you see white below the video.

Picked up brought home and fucked

This honestly is an absolute classic It happens every single day, it happens multiple times a day it happens multiple times an hour. That of slutty girls getting picked up in public places taken back to either your apartment or somewhere private and there they spread their legs to penetrate them. Like said it happens all the time, but what doesn’t happen all the time is that one of these sluts actually doesn’t mind if you pull out your smart phone and actually record everything that’s going down. I don’t know if this girl was actually paid or if she was just a pure fucking whore. However the video is absolutely stunning, it’s an exclusive piece of work that only we have right here right now for everybody that visits our website to enjoy. As you can see right below the video is a link, if you would like to see the rest of this one hour and 15 minute video then click on it and you’ll get access to our archives.

College dorm sex tape, he needed cash so he sold it to us.

I would suggest that he invests in a new bed that mattress is old and squeaky and the bed frame makes that annoying noise during the whole porn video, and not just a teaser that we have posted in this article of this only lasts three minutes I’m talking about the remaining one hour and 42 minutes where she sucked and fucked that cock like if there was no tomorrow, like if it was the last ice cream in a desert at 120°. This video also is dated 2013 at the time she was 19 years of age and she was already in her second year at college, but from what we understand she was already in her 18th amateur porn video, I know because we have them all, the dude needed money, the dude was her boyfriend and they had made all these porn videos throughout the four years of being in college and being together.

Pawning your sex tape with us, as long as you are 19 years old or older we will buy

At exactly what this couple did, the video is when they were both in college back in 2012, but since then they broke up and he unemployed is looking for some money and it came to his attention that we buy all kinds of sex tapes as long as they are legal. As he lives right here in town (Miami Florida), he actually came knocking on our office door with a bunch of DVDs, of him and the several girls that he had sex with while he was in college including his girlfriend so that means he was cheating on her all the time while he was in college. Great quality videos and here is one of them today, it’s simply a teaser but we have so many of him having sex gorgeous homemade amateur babes from college and we will be posting them in the days and months to come.

Some revenge porn from this past Christmas

Ashley Williams, from Stamford Connecticut was at home during the Christmas holidays while her boyfriend also went back to his hometown in Seattle Washington state, there was a 3000 mile distance between the two, however on Christmas eve she decided to give this performance to her boyfriend, she wanted to make him happy and give him a gift that he will never forget. He the filthy bastard, actually recorded it on his laptop and It stored in till three days ago when he gave it to us for free, all he wanted us to do was to broadcast it and to show it to as many people as possible. Why is that? Well four days ago he discovered that his girlfriend was banging her ex-boyfriend there in town in Stamford and every single time that she went back home she would fuck him thinking that her boyfriend in college would never find out. As you can see that is not the case!

This is what our blog is all about truly homemade porn

You get two pretty college students and you ask them to perform a lesbian act, both of them are straight they have boyfriends but underneath they had no idea that they really did like one another even though they have been friends for the past three years in college, they still have sexual feelings for one another, those feelings that they did not know that they had until we asked them and obviously paid them $500 each to do this lesbian amateur porn video.

She wanted to become a famous porn star but never made it!…

However the video was not supposed to be released, but this silly bitch lost her laptop while she was taking the bus trip back from Los Angeles to her hometown after making this disgusting amateur porn video and whoever found her laptop snoop around in her photographs and videos and found this video that you see here above. She found out prior to us publishing this video that we would have done so, she contacted us via email and then by phone begging us not to do it, we told her that she can go and fuck herself and that we have no respect for filthy sluts, and this is what we do for a living, and we could really give a flying motherfucking fuck of what she has to say, she should of thought well before making this video that she could have lost it, that it could have fell into the wrong hands, our hands. Fuck you bitch, like we did a shit what you think, call a lawyer!!

Sick bitches having sex in public while being filmed

These videos have been around for about five years, these videos are of pornstars that at the time were not famous, they were not involved in the adult business, however they did make these pilot tapes in the hopes that somebody in the adult industry would pick them up and hire them as adults models. This right here is one of those very pilot tapes, of what now is a famous pornstar, but like said at the time she was just a filthy and slutty skank penniless, and would do anything, would go to any extreme limit to try and make some money out of taking it up and busted ass.

Hidden camera porn, this time the victim is a cheating college student

Morally filming a woman while you are having sex with her is just wrong it really isn’t fair, but there are some cases where it’s actually a good thing. you see, this is Emily, she is a 22-year-old college graduate that is about to leave the University and start her life off with her boyfriend that is also a college graduate in another university they will be heading to New Mexico and both will be working at the same medical practice. From what we understand he has been extremely faithful with her, he had the opportunity to cheat on her several times, but he always turned down the women that wanted to have sex with him. On the other hand in the four years that they have been together and the four years that she has been in college far away from him for at least 20 days a month, she claimed to a roommate that she has had sex with over 200 different guys and her boyfriend does not suspect a single act of cheating. Not entail this video surfaced and was handed to us and we are proud to post it on our blog we also are in possession of the mailing address of her boyfriend and we weren’t a copy on DVD and sent it to him, because I really think at this point he needs to know, and at this point he needs to leave her.

Cheating 19-year-old chick fucked and filmed all because she lost a bet

She lost a bet, and now she had to have sex with her roommates boyfriend, and her roommate was okay with it simply because they were totally high out of their minds and all four of them drank a whole bottle of vodka between themselves. Don’t worry though this was not under age drinking simply because they are in Europe where you can drink at the age of 18 smoking a blunt is not illegal unless you do it streaked or if you carry more than 10 g on it in your pocket. I guess when missing out on a lot here in the United States LOL. Anyhow she was okay with it but one thing that she didn’t know and I’m sure she finds out that we have posted this she will not be happy at all is that her boyfriend filmed it while her roommates boyfriend fucked her hard.

I know it seems a little bizarre, but you would have no idea at all on what kind of videos that we get on a daily basis here at our office, 90% and I’m being very generous right now, the videos we do not post simply because they are way too bizarre way too freaky, way to fucked up to show the general public. However if you do want see them all you can simply click on the link provided right under the video frame.

Check out this gorgeous black college student sucking on this lucky guys long cock!

Shanika is a ghetto bitch from Detroit, she has a big thing for white dudes, she told a friend of hers (that then reported back to us) that she likes them because she likes it up the ass and when a black dude tries to ass fuck her, she ends up always telling him to stop. We all know now why she likes white dudes LOL!!

In this video here she’s not getting fucked up her busted asshole, but rather she’s sucking cock, the very lucky dude in the video is a co-workers of hers from KFC, I know thats weird, a white dude that works there…

Anyway for the past three years she was sharing an apartment with the chick that gave us the video. The reason why she gave it to us is that she needs fast cash right away and once she found this dvd among her roommates shit, she didn’t think fucking twice to ask us how much she could get for it. We gave her $300 for a 90 minute dvd full of amateur porn staring the hot black whore you see in the video above.
She also told us not to worry about Shanika getting mad over us broadcasting the video, as she’s been arrested and is awaiting trial for battery with a deadly weapon, so she wont be around for three to six LOL!


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