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OK, we’re back again with another totally fucking incredible porn video, this time from a Californian College. Not going to tell you the name, we don’t want to get fucking sued LOL. Well, she is Angela a pretty 19 year old at her second year at business school, and she needs fast cash. So what better way to make it? Spread your legs to the rich college pervert. His name is Gordon, his dad is one of the richest dudes in the country and is totally fucking loaded, besides also being a complete fucking weirdo, that films every chick that he fucks and pays them for doing so. His collection however has never been seen, he keeps them all for himself. Well nearly all of his collection. We managed to get our dirty and sticky fingers on three of his most recent amateur porn videos and we are very happy to show you one of them today and keep the other two only after you seen and enjoyed this incredible homemade porn video in HD. Let us know if you like it or not, your comments are always granted :)

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Francie is a hot chick that I met over at a campus in Ohio, she isn’t in good feelings with her sister, as she fucked her boyfriend and only found out about this happening a week ago. She knows that I run a porn blog and thats why she contacted me asking me to come over to her place to check out a video of that cheating slut of her sister. Let me tell you that shit like this never happens, so I drove the 125 miles to get there and to be honest I’m glad that I did. She gave me the DVD of her sister fucking her boyfriend, she told me that she found it among her sisters shit and burnt a copy. So in other words her sister has no idea that she found out and this is her way to get her evil back on her and by doing so she handed me over one of the best amateur porn videos that we’ve had all month!

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I don’t know why, but I still get suprised when I see these videos of real amateur chicks willing to get fucked for cash and as you can see most of them will even let you film it while it happens. She however isn’t doing this cos the dude has a big cock, she needs the cash and she needs it fucking fast! So you do the math on whats happening in this video ;)


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We’re back from hibernation! It’s one of those crazy nights for The DancingBear. Lots of lovely ladies in the house tonight. We have sexy Gringas, Latinas and Negras craving for the dick to come out and play. These ladies are horny and we can barely contain them, Their panties must be soaked from all the anticipation. Once they guys came out, the club went up in a roar. These ladies were going crazy all night!.


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Party slut from the UK gets drunk and ends up sucking 5 dicks all at the same time, its a fucking classic, I’ve been to parties like these and have shared chicks just like this amateur whore in the video. She however must have been shocked when she found out that only a few days later this homemade porn video hit the web. I have been told that she has a boyfriend in that same college and he has no idea that she cheated on him. Imagine how fucking shocked he’ll be when he gets to see this nasty amateur porn video!


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